WE WANT YOU! Be part of a great event and become a volunteer at our World Congress

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Linda de Artiagoitia (right) and Franziska Zemke (left) are your contacts for the deployment of volunteers during the World Congress. Below, they answer all the relevant questions. For more ür information just write to volunteerdesk@jciwc2014.com.

Linda und Franzi

1.     Why do we need volunteers for the World Congress?

The JCI World Congress will welcome approx. 4,000 international guests in November 2014. Our guests cannot only expect an informative JCI program, but also various fringe events, as well as exciting evening events. To ensure the full benefit of these events and a smoothly run congress, we need many helping hands. Not only Jaycees themselves will be active, but working together with approx. 500 volunteers.

2.     Where should they be employed?

The use of volunteers varies depending on the particular requirements of the areas and the volunteers different skillsets. We need service geniuses at the welcome and help desk (amongst others at the airports in Leipzig, Berlin, Frankfurt, ...), Mini and Maxi supporters taking care of our guests, IT enthusiasts for the technical aspects of the Congress, powerhouses for setting up and dismantling activities as well as all-rounder, which meet the set of challenges. We will find a job for each registered volunteer - I promise!


3.     Who can be a volunteer?

Volunteering is basically open to anyone being at least 18 years old and disposing of a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the project. Ideally that person speaks at least English, apart from German. Another language and interest in another culture is welcome. The volunteer should be willing to help at least during 3 days at the World Congress. Volunteering activities of at least 3 days will certificate a certificate. Soft skill such as teamwork, reliability and communication skills are fundamental.

4.     I am a Jaycee and know someone interested in volunteering. What should this person do?

First of all, the Jaycee should make the interested person a real volunteer. Registration as volunteer is done via online registration form https://jciwc2014-volunteers.infratix.de/ or via email to hr@jciwc2014.com. Volunteers will receive information through a newsletter prior to the Congress. Our own volunteer facebook page is being planned as well.

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