Under German law, responsibility for issuing visas lies with the missions of the Federal Republic of Germany, i.e. its embassiesand consulates-general for the area in which the applicant has his/her ordinary residence or domicile.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent information about the JCI World Congress in Leipzig and its participants to all missions, who will be involved in the visa process. The local responsibility for issuing the visa still lies with the mission, but we inform them about the JCI World Congress and ask them to accept our confirmation letter as a print out. If any mission requires the original confirmation letter, we will send it to you.

To get further detailed information on the visa process, please check this document:

download visa information (PDF) - English

download visa information (PDF) - French

download visa information (PDF) - Spanish


If you need help with your visa process, please contact visasupport@jciwc2014.com.