Welcome to the Global Village Night on November 26th in Leipzig!

Global Village Night is always one highlight during World Congress and we are all looking forward to taste and get to know your home country.

We provide a wooden stand for you, as you can see in the picture (195 cm long and 200 cm wide).

Please also bring your flag and other decoration with you. Make sure, that you have a team, that will be at the stand the whole evening.
If you are interested to support the Global Village Night, please fill in the attached form and send it back by mail to: globalvillagenight@jciwc2014.com.
Let’s share an unforgettable evening!

Due to German law and regulations, all participants have to follow the below rules.
All rules are obligatory!

- Use only hard inflammable materials for decoration
- Best before date shall not be expired.
- Food, which cannot be stored at room temperature, may not be transported without appropriate cooling (logistics with cooling chain has to be proven!). If you need a professional logistics company, please contact us!
- Imported food must be in accordance with German and EU law, import restrictions and hygienic standards etc.
- Transport boxes for food shall be clean to protect the food from contamination
- If you like to offer (open) food or beverages, your staff needs a German hygienic certificate. Please contact us in advance to get it! German law is pretty strict!
- One hour before the Global Village starts, all staff/ helpers of the stand participate in a briefing about hygienic standards in Germany