Children’s program: fun, adventure and learning - a truly unforgettable experience!


This part of our JCI World Congress is a daytime program. We will try to provide additional childcare for the evenings at your own expense.

Our daily program will always start and finish in Leipzig. We will visit some cities and famous places nearby, offering a mix of tourism, history and nature.

Kids aged between 5 and 15 years can participate in our program. During the excursions, the kids will keep a travel diary with their impressions, and develop visions for future entrepreneurship from their point of view.

DAY 1 - Halle

We will meet at the trade fair at 8.30 am and start with an introduction. Parents will have a chance to ask questions. We will then travel to the central railway station of Halle by public transport. At 11 am, we will visit Halloren, the oldest chocolate factory in Germany. After a guided tour of approximately one hour (including some chocolate tasting), we will enjoy a historical walking tour of the city of Halle, and finally arrive at the Saline (a salt-boiling site). Depending on the composition of the group, we will split into two groups, offering both a visit of an indoor playground, and an educational program suitable for children.

Arrival at the trade fair in Leipzig will be around 6 pm.

DAY 2 - Federal state of Thuringia

We will meet at the trade fair at 8.30 am and go to Erfurt by tour bus to visit the MDR’s broadcasting center and take a close look at KIKA (a children’s channel). Later on, we will continue our excursion at a nearby solar module factory, where the kids can participate in experiments with solar energy. Depending on the weather, we might finish off our day playing in the snow, as snow can usually be expected in the Thuringia Forest at that time of the year.

Arrival at the trade fair in Leipzig will be between 6 and 7 pm.

DAY 3 - Berlin

We will meet at the trade fair at 8.30 am and go to Berlin by tour bus. The day program has not been finalized yet. It will be a mix of history, experience, exercise, and fun.

Arrival at the trade fair in Leipzig will be between 6 and 7 pm.

DAY 4 - Leipzig

We will meet at the trade fair at 8.30 am and explore Leipzig. Besides a child-friendly historical tour around the city of Leipzig we will also visit the zoo. After returning to the trade fair in the afternoon, the kids can express their experiences of the day in a graffiti workshop, organized by “TeenEvent”. Additionally, we will have a “visionhour”, in which the children will describe their vision of entrepreneurship in the future, and hand them over to adults in a big box later on. Ideally, these visions will be kept for ten years and then be opened by the children themselves at the JCI World Congress in 2024.

DAY 5 - Leipzig - "Plant for the planet"

We will meet at the trade fair in Leipzig at 8.30 am and provide a “Plant for the planet” academy (Register at at the trade fair. Together with some kids from the Leipzig region, the children will be trained as environmental ambassadors. Since action speaks louder than words, we will also plant some trees in the town Taucha near Leipzig, to emphasize the idea.

Let your kids enjoy an interesting program at the Congress! Further information:


Registration for children's program

For Infants and Children, the registration fee shall be: (as long as registered with at least one delegate):

0-18 years old – 50% of JCI ticket registration fee.

The COC provides an official children program with daily events as well as childcare and Kindergarten for infants 0-5 years. The childcare and Kindergarten is arranged at the Congress Center (CCL) between 10am – 6pm from Tuesday to Friday. On Saturday, it is arranged between 10am to 4pm.

An additional childcare for the evenings is planned on the parent’s own expense.


Please register your children for the kids program via email at and name: the responsable delegate with registration number, name of the child, gender and age.

Infants 0-5 years only need to be registered if you would like to use the advantages of our congress childcare.

We kindly ask you to register infants as soon as possible as we have to make arrangements. If you are not quite certain, please send us a notice in advance about your plans.

Registration at the counter will be possible, but might cause inconveniences if not enough childcare staff is available.


Congress – Kindergarten

We offer for children in the age between two and five years a kindergarten during the JCI World Congress program. The opening hours will be from 9am till 6 pm.

Shelter and loving care are our first priority. Intending your children will enjoy our game ideas.

Your children learn to know friends from all over the world. We consider language and cultural barriers as an opportunity to strengthen improvisation, tolerance and empathy skills.

And so the five days entertaining fly over, we hold many ideas for
- Exercise programs,
- Creative-formative making of toys (do-it-yourself)
- Experimenting in the simplest and completely harmless level and
- Making music together.

The Agency Wiesenknopf Leipzig, organizes the Congress-Kindergarten.



Congress - Childcare

For children aged between 0-2 years we offer also individual professional childcare.

The Agency Wiesenknopf Leipzig, organizes the Congress-Childcare.

If there are any questions about the Babysitting please write an E-Mail with the subject "JCIWC2014" directly to
Via this address you can also organize the childcare while the several evening events.