“Observe how the world comes together”

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Senator Francoise Hontoy has been with JCI for 14 years and has already experienced a great deal. She is a member of JCI Luxembourg and has been, among other things, a member of the national managing board in Germany, then national president in Luxembourg and, most recently, Secretary General of the European Development Council (EDC). Obviously, then, Francoise has already got her World Congress ticket. We have asked her why she is desperate to join us in Leipzig.

Senator and trainer Francoise Hontoy

Francoise, why are you so desperate to be at the World Congress in Leipzig?

There are a lot of reasons! For example, I remember a particularly nice conference of senators in Leipzig, a good reason for one to look forward to a terrific World Congress. This also gave me an opportunity to get to know an attractive city, which I would love another chance to explore. And then there is my own story: when the World Congress took place in Brussels, I wanted to be a part of it because it is my home city. I want to be there in Leipzig, because I first became a member of the JCI while in Germany.

What are you expecting from the World Congress in Leipzig, as well as any World Congress taking place in Germany?

Nothing more than would I would expect from any other World Congress. Jaycees from across the world meeting each other, reunions of old friends, an opportunity to further expand my network and also a few opportunities to broaden my personal engagements.

What are you most looking forward to?

Seeing how new friendships are formed, meeting Jaycees from across the world and seeing how the world comes together.

What is the opinion in your home country like towards the World Congress?

Germany and Luxembourg border on another – clearly there exists a connection to Germany along with joy that a World Congress is once again taking place in Europe.

This interview was conducted by Katalin Birta.

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