Leipzig trade fair (CCL)

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Exhibition Hall 2

PR-Foto_Glashalle-LM_08 Hall 2 is directly connected with the CCL building. Its gross exhibition space of 20,500 m² can be subdivided. An in-built flexible system of partitioning walls allows to create segments of either 10,000 m², or 5,000 m². Modern standards and advanced technology are the trade marks of this facility. It goes quite without saying that the hall features all supply functions and is fully equipped for data transfer and multimedia communication.

This flexible facility sets a perfect scene for creative and innovative concepts of event design. Integrating plenary meeting space for several thousand attendants, catering areas, spaces for recreation and communication, and virtually unlimited space for exhibitions, poster and presentations. Exhibiting right in the middle of the action – that’s the dream of every exhibitor and every LOM, NOM and sponsor at the JCI tradeshow.

The Congress Center Leipzig

PR-Foto_CCL_4_kleinThings never seen before: the CCL offers you any possibility you can think of. Flexible room structures create an ambience that will live up to your visions. Space and equipment will adapt to suit your ideas – not vice versa. In combination with the Glass Hall and the adjacent exhibition halls, you will find perfect conditions for the JCI Congress.

Plenty of space for plenary sessions, workshops, seminars and meetings, exhibitions, presentations and events. With conference and presentation equipment that is truly state-of-the-art. Digital sound and image reproduction for videoconferencing and multimedia presentations offer high-tech of perfect appeal to all eyes and ears.


The Glass Hall

The center of the property is formed by the Glass Hall, a steel-and-glass arch construction unique in Europe. The building serves as the property´s main entrance and is connected with the five exhibition halls and the CCL by glass-covered walkways. It is 80 metres wide, 243 metres long and almost 30 metres tall, and was designed by the Hamburg-based architects Gerkan, Marg & Partner, in cooperation with the London architect Ian Ritchie.

With its breathtaking architecture, the Glass Hall is an ideal location for galas, events, corporate presentations, exhibitions, conventions, and will certainly set a perfect scene for the JCI Congress under a blue sky or a cloudless starry night. A presidential gala that will never be forgotten will take place here.


Sustainabilty - perfect partner for the first JCIWC with no carbon footprint

Leipziger Messe, including the Congress Center Leipzig, commit themselves to the principles of corporate responsibility. Under the headline "Wachsen in Balance" (Growing in Balance) Leipziger Messe has launched a transparent and measurable sustainability management system. The objective is to create a new balance between economic growth, and responsibility for the environment
and the society.

Having undergone a sustainability audit process, Leipziger Messe was Germany’s first major trade fair society to receive the Green Globe Certificate in February 2010, an internationally renowned and recognised sustainability certificate of the event and tourism industry. The process of auditing has also revealed future objectives for making Leipziger Messe’s operations and policies even more

The avoidance of unnecessary waste and thoughtful recycling concepts, energy saving and heat recovery, contribute to an improved ecological balance of meetings and exhibitions hosted at Leipziger Messe and the CCL. The catering company fairgourmet largely relies on local products with a focus on organic foods and drinks. Another step towards reducing emissions is Leipziger
Messe’s intelligent mobility concept which relies on the use of public means of transport.

Learn more about the first JCI World Congress with no carbon footprint



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