Leipzig – flair and lifestyle

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Self-confidence and pleasure in enjoyment characterise the Leipzig lifestyle. Accordingly there are all sorts of possibilities for different experiences. These include a visit to the theatre, variety show or cabaret.

In the lively Old Town more than 1,200 restaurants, pubs and cafés invite people to partake of some refreshment and relax. After a shopping spree in the magnificent Wilhelminian shopping arcades, some visitors are drawn to the nostalgic cafés, fashionable restaurants and elegant streets – just right for a stroll – around the historic market square, whilst others prefer to mix with
the student customers in the alternative art, theatre and pub scene.

With over 120 hectars of woodland, parks, golf courses, rivers, and canals within the city, and lakes in the southern part, Leipzig offers a wide range of recreational opportunities. Along with the Botanical Garden, a special mention must be made of Leipzig Zoo. One Zoo project which is unique in the world is Pongoland, in which scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology are studying the behaviour of the great apes in a close-to-natural environment.

With its cultural richness, its lifestyle and the hospitableness of its citizens Leipzig is a city that comes across to its visitors as inspiring and unifying. This characteristic can hardly be measured in numbers, but it can be of crucial importance for the success of a conference!

You are warmly invited to experience it for yourself in Leipzig.

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