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Leipzig can also thank its committed citizens for its reputation as a city of culture and art. Over the course of the centuries they have supported the arts, collected paintings, endowed museums and in 1743 founded a concert society which developed into today’s world-famous Gewandhaus Orchestra.

The liberal, cosmopolitan climate attracted not only great minds to Leipzig University but also creative artists of various genres to the city. Those interested in literature can walk in the footsteps of Goethe, Schiller, Lessing or Nietzsche. Lovers of paintings and sculpture can discover the collections of the Museum of Fine Art or the avant-garde with the “Leipzig School”, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the studios and galleries in the Baumwollspinnerei.

Leipzig is known all over the world as a city of music on account of the works of (among others) Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Robert Schumann and Johann Sebastian Bach, who lived and worked in the City of Trade Fairs from 1723 to 1750 – that is, the longest period of his life in one place. A concert by the Thomanerchor in the actual place where Bach worked – St Thomas’s Church – is one of the cultural and emotional highlights of a visit to Leipzig.

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