Leipzig – a city’s soul

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Leipzig is constantly reinventing itself, yet at the same time it is a city that stands for continuity, the long-term view and reliability. People who engage with Leipzig discover the unique soul of this city. What constitutes this soul?

You will look in vain for royal palaces, great castles and mighty cathedrals. Leipzig was never a royal residence, never a centre of secular or ecclesiastical power. Instead it has always been a city characterised by energy, a creative will and the pride of its citizens.

In the 12th century the first trade fairs in the world were held here, at the intersection of Europe’s most important trading routes.

In 1409 the Alma Mater Lipsiensis was founded – the second oldest university in Germany – and over the course of time this became the spiritual home of great men such as Melanchthon, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Hermann Brockhaus, Samuel Hahnemann, Friedrich Nietzsche, Wilhelm Ostwald, Heinrich Hertz, Werner Heisenberg and Max Bürger. The liberal, cosmopolitan and tolerant spirit of this city is probably rooted in the trade fairs and the university.

An openness to new ideas, curiosity about the unfamiliar and hospitality are centuries-old traditions here, as too is a readiness to form networks and to utilise the ability of the individual to serve a shared vision.

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