“JCI is impressed by placing focus on entrepreneurship and business”

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Interview with JCI Germany Secretary General Dirk Binding after he returned from the JCI Board Meeting in St. Louis:

Foto Dirk Binding

He is looking forward to a vivid exchange of ideas in Leipzig: JCI Germany Secretary General Dirk Binding

What does Junior Chamber International think about the World Congress in Leipzig?

Dirk Binding: “All the people, I talked to, made quite clear that they are looking forward to the event. At the same time expectations grow, because people anticipate a Congress made in Germany. JCI was well impressed by the focus placed on entrepreneurship and business. This is where all German Jaycees are bound to meet the expectations for filling the event with great content. The regional associations of JCI Germany, the organization of Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the JCI senators were considered as strong supporters and with these partners of JCI Leipzig the workload is spread on many shoulders.”

How can JCI Germany support the organization of the World Congress and what is JCI already doing in this regard?

Dirk Binding: Throughout our association, young entrepreneurs and executives from all over Germany take on the responsibility here to cope with the Herculean task of making the World Congress in our country a successful one. At federal, regional and local level within our association we are strongly supporting the Leipzig Jaycees and the organizing team. This proves once again: We, the Jaycees, are the ones to make an impact. Employees of our federal office contribute in many ways to the World Congress: In our association media such as the magazine "Junge Wirtschaft" (formerly "quip“) in each issue we publish news about the World Congress. And in our online media other publications, distributed free to all speakers and managing directors of the local chapters, we strongly promote the Congress and use the high multiplier effect.

The members of the Federal Board are actively supporting as well. Our International Officer Horst Wenske showed where he can assist in preparing the “Global Village Party”. Various chapters of JCI Germany will present their regions, interesting business projects and culinary highlights to the international participants. JCI Germany will be happy to contribute with content to the topic of entrepreneurship, organizing own events in this context, together with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. A special thanks goes to JCI Dortmund that postponed their previously planned National Convention for 2014 to one year later, in favor of the World Congress in Leipzig.

How important is the World Congress to JCI Germany?

Dirk Binding: In November, we will welcome some 4,000 young entrepreneurs and leaders as guests in our country. 4,000 young decision-makers – this is an impressive signal to the public and to politicians. As young business leaders we do not only create value nationally, but also make an impact internationally. Therefore the main theme of the Congress is also “Sustainable Entrepreneurship”. We will deliberately take a different view: leaving the day-to-day business aside and take a look into the future towards the big themes and core challenges that are impacting our business is in the years to come.

What are you personally looking for most when it comes to the World Congress?

Dirk Binding: I’m especially anticipating the tradeshow which will be certainly the heart of the Congress. Well-known companies will present themselves and enter into discussions. I am looking forward to the exchange of ideas about what the business world of tomorrow will look like, how companies will work in the future, how to drive innovation, and how to make sure that intellectual property is well protected. All these are topics that young business people are dying to know. I’m convinced that in Leipzig, it will become visible what the economy of tomorrow will look like.

Thank you very much, Dirk Binding!

The interview was conducted by Katalin Birta.

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