„Frankfurt is giving their all” – fundraising campaigns in support of the World Congress

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Big thanks to JCI Frankfurt! They founded a World Congress support team some time ago and kicked off their first fundraising campaign in support of the World Congress at their summer party. The result: 400 euros! The full sum was donated to the World Congress 2014 in Leipzig. And the next campaigns are already in the pipeline. Dr. Peter Wahl, member of JCI Germany since 2008, is the leader of the Frankfurt support team for the World Congress and the initiator of the fundraising campaign in support of the World Congress.


Peter, as members of JCI Frankfurt, why are you collecting money for the World Congress?

JCI Frankfurt already had a close look at the World Congress and its financing very early, and decided to donate some of our reserves to the Congress. Since we had a feeling that we could do even more to support the World Congress, we were searching for other means to raise money for the World Congress, apart from standard sponsoring. So, the idea of fundraising came up. We are deliberately focusing on fun events, which participants can enjoy, and can also be done easily in other chapters. JCI Frankfurt wants to set an example. To make sure our idea will be a real success, however, we rely on other German chapters to help us!

What have you done so far and what other campaigns are in the pipeline?

So far we organized a World Cup betting pool in support of the World Congress, and a service raffle, where participants could win services by our members (from Marketing consulting to dancing courses). For the near future, we are planning a laser tag tournament, a cooking event, a bigger version of our service raffle at the chamber of commerce, as well as a big pre-party for the World Congress – exclusively fun events, for which organization is not to complicated, which are fun and attract many people. We want to donate all the earnings to the World Congress.

Why are you personally supporting the World Congress?

It is probably a unique opportunity to contribute to the organization of a World Congress in Germany. I want to do my bit to ensure that JCI Germany will be a great host and that our guests will experience great moments and an unforgettable Congress! And I am very happy that we have found a team of wonderful people in Frankfurt, who think alike and are giving their all because of that!

What are you most looking forward to?

To a diverse program, meeting with friends from all over the world, and of course to really good parties.

You want to do fundraising for our World Congress in your chapter, too? Dr. Peter Wahl is offering you some advice and ideas for simple and effective fundraising campaigns at p.wahl@wj-frankfurt.de.

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