FAQ for the World Congress 2014 in Leipzig

When will the JCI World Congress take place in 2014?
The World Congress will be from Nov 24 – 29, 2014.
Where will the World Congress be?
The World Congress takes place in Leipzig, Germany.
How can I register for the World Congress?
Please, register with through www.jci.cc.
How much will the tickets be and what will the tiered pricing be?
The Early Bird registration from November 2013 till March 2014 is 350€ for registered members (regular fee = 450€). The Regular Registration from April 2014 till October 2014 will be 400€ for registered members (regular fee = 500€). The Late Registration from October 2014 till November 2014 will be 450€ for registered members (regular fee = 550€). 
How does the payment work ('wire transfer')?

IBAN BE75 7310 1574 1051

To ensure the proper account is credited, all wire transfers should indicate the following information, either on the wire transfer or by sending a fax to 636-449-3107 or email to reg@jci.cc Attn: Ian Tan, World Congress Registration Number, Date of wire transfer, Amount of wire transfer, Reason for wire transfer

The deadline for wire transfer payment is 10 days prior to Opening Ceremony.

PLEASE NOTE: Registrants bear all bank charges. Payments should be net of bank charges.

The date of the wire transfer is crucial, whether you can get the actual tiered pricing. If there are any questions please contact: tickets@jciwc2014.com

How do I get an invoice for the registration fee?
Once the payment is received, the invoice appears on www.jci.cc under “EVENTS / MY EVENTS” as pdf document.

Can I cancel a paid Registration?
Cancellations/Refunds: Refunds will be given by JCI per the following schedule:

- Up to the early registration deadline:  75% refund
- Thereafter, up to 30 days before the Opening Ceremony:  50% refund
- Thereafter, up to 10 days before the Opening Ceremony:  25% refund
10 days or less to the Opening Ceremony:  0% refund. Except for extraordinary circumstances involving illness or death of an immediate relative, in which case 75% of the registration fee will be refunded.
A 5% administrative fee will be deducted from ALL refunds.
NOTE: 50% refunds will be given to delegates who failed to get their VISA in time to attend JCI World Congress and notify JCI World Headquarters until 15 days after the Congress ends.
JCI will not entertain any requests for refunds after 15 days of the end of the Congress.
No refunds will be given onsite.  If a delegate failed to receive his/her VISA in time, the refund will be issued after JCI Area Conference when the JCI Team returns to the Headquarters.
Any appeals should be dealt with by the GLC whose decision shall be final.
HINT: Paid Registrations can be transfered to another person. Please find the details in the FAQ.

How can I transfer my paid registration?
 To transfer the paid registration, you need someone with an unpaid registration. The person who will receive the payment approvement needs to register for the congress as a member and chose "wire transfer" but must not pay.

Then you write an E-Mail to tickets@jciwc2014.com with the following Content:
"Please transfer the payment of my registration "NAME" "REGISTRATION NO" to "NAME" "REGISTRATION NO"."
The request will be forwarded to JCI and JCI cancels the first registration and approves the second one.This is free of charge.
Is it possible to book tickets for several days?
No, the registration is always for the whole period of the JCI World Congress.
Where do I find information about Leipzig and the region (sights, culture and nature, for example)?
For information about Leipzig and the region, we recommend the website of the city of Leipzig (http://www.leipzig.de/ available in German and English) and the website of the Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH (http://www.leipzig.travel available in German, English, Japanese and Dutch).
How do I get there?
Information on how to get to Leipzig can be found here and on the website of the Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH (http://www.leipzig.travel available in German, English, Japanese and Dutch).
Where can I get information about the visa?
If you need help for your visa please contact visasupport@jciwc2014.com or have a look on our website in the service area.
Where can I find information on hotels and accommodation?
On our website you can find information on hotels and accommodation. You can also book directly on our hotel booking tool. If you need hotel contingents for delegations please contact accommodation@jciwc2014.com.
When will you publish the programme?
On our website you can find information on the programme and events.
What will the weather be like at the end of November 2014?
The average temperature in Germany in November is 4-5 °C. This is perfect for the typical Christmas markets in these days.
How can I get information on a regular basis?
Our biweekly newsletter contains news and updates.
How can I subscribe for the newsletter?
Please, register in our newsletter subscription form.
Is a check-in at the beginning of the congress also during the Opening Ceremony possible?
Yes, the registration desk will be open during the Opening Ceremony.