Crowdfunding: Fünf Fragen an Derek Reilly

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Derek Reilly

Die Weko-Redaktion stellte Derek Reilly, künftiger JCI Präsident von Irland und JCI-Mitglied seit 2011, fünf Fragen zu seiner Unterstützung des Crowdfundings:

1. What was your motivation to join our Crowdfunding campaign?

As part of the JCI Active Citizen Framework, we all have a responsibility to leave a healthy planet to our children and this was the main reason. As incoming JCI Ireland National President, I felt I should lead the way and support    this initiative.

2. How did you learn about our Crowdfunding campaign?

I am a fan of the World Congress 2014 Facebook page and even though it is predominately in the German language, I was able to understand the meaning of the post.

3. Why is it important to you that the JCI World Congress will leave no carbon footprint?

One of your Congress headlines is "Change". If we are to talk about sustainable projects at a local and national level, we have to "walk the talk" or "practice what we preach". I am a strong believer in this.

4. Why should every Jaycee donate?

If every Jaycee donates a little it will go a very long way. We will all create carbon footprint by going to the congress but I am very happy knowing that I am contributing to make this congress the 1st JCI Congress with no carbon footprint.

5. What are you looking forward to the most about the World Congress in Leipzig?

Meeting old friends (like your German representative Christian Wewezow, who I met at the Japan Academy in July) making new friends and learning something that will improve my LOM and NOM. It's not often that you will be surrounded by people with the same mindset and attitude and it's a very powerful feeling.

Das Interview führte Katalin Birta

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